Kiplimo, Seurey top Kenyans as Shiferaw and Bere win Lisbon marathon

Kenyans Hosea Kiplimo and Jane Jelagat Seurey were top Kenyans at the Lison marathon ran on Sunday in Portugal.

Kiplimo finihsed second in the men’s race after stopping the timer in 2:07.39 behind Ethiopian Andualem Belay Shiferaw who won the title in 2:05.52 and fellow Ethiopian Yihunligne Adane Amsalu completing the podium in 2:07.54.

Kiplimo was the only Kenyan in the top ten finishers.

In women, Seurey finished third with her time standing at 2:28.35 in a race dominated by Ethiopians with Asayech Ayelew Bere winning in 2:25.07 with compatriot Almaz Negede Fekade in second position with 2:27.14.

Lisbon marathon


  1. Andualem Belay Shiferaw (ETH) 2:05:52
  2. Hosea Kiplimo (KEN) 2:07:39
  3. Yihunligne Adane Amsalu (ETH) 2:07:54
  4. Balew Yihunie Derseh (ETH) 2:10:09
  5. Dadi Yami Gemeda (ETH) 2:10:53
  6. Robert Kipkorir Kwambai (UGA) 2:11:23
  7. Adugna Takele Bikila (ETH) 2:11:58
  8. Workneh Tesfa Tirunesh (ETH) 2:12:02
  9. Regasa Mndaye Bejiga (ETH) 2:13:55
  10. Gebre Roba Yadete (ETH) 2:14:03


  1. Asayech Ayalew Bere (ETH) 2:25:07
  2. Almaz Negede Fekade (ETH) 2:27:14
  3. Jane Jelagat Seurey (KEN) 2:28:35
  4. Agnes Jeruto Barsosio (KEN) 2:28:54
  5. Zerfie Limeneh Tesema (ETH) 2:29:04
  6. Jemila Wortesa Shure (ETH) 2:29:11
  7. Bashanke Imoshe Bilo (ETH) 2:33:50
  8. Sechala Dalasa Aduga (ETH) 2:37:45
  9. Linet Chebet Toroitich (UGA) 2:37:57
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