Am ready to be a mother, says Saina as she plans for 2024 Olympic Games

Former Paris marathon champion Betsy Saina has been out of competition and social media for some time but she has finally come out.

The track mistress, through her Linkeldin said that she is expecting a child, ready to be a mother.

“Well, I haven’t been active posting nowadays, I decided to channel all my energy to my little mini, no matter all the obstacles that comes with Pregnancy I am super excited to have my baby in few weeks,” wrote Saina.

She said that she respects all the women out there, since she never knew what women go through growing the little human being.

“Am grateful to experience it as well, we learn a lot through experience. All women have different experience. For my case it hasn’t been easy to be honest, I have gone through good, fair and worst days but well the little one is almost ready to exit.”

She added that as an athlete, she misses the routine, looking forward to having her number one fan then get back on the road, as her heart is full of happiness, knowing she will be having someone beside her, life will never be the same, but thrilled to be the mom.

“The support I have had from various parties has made my journey smooth, Can’t wait for the final destination. Goals are made already, I want to represent my son up to the Olympics comes 2024 and be the best mother. Every time I see him kick, my heart is thrilled.”

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