Albert Korir on New York City marathon mission

Albert Korir will be returning to the New York City Marathon with an aim of finishing on the podium despite the heavy line-up on November 7th in the USA.

Korir, who finished second at the 2019 New York City marathon behind champion Geoffrey Kamworor will be returning to the course as his first outing since 2019 with the world being under the control of coronavirus.

Following his training program in his Kapkitony village in Elgeyo Marakwet County, the 2014 Kass marathon champion was optimistic that he will be hitting the podium as his target.

“I have been out of competition for a long time and heading to New York City, I need to be on the podium. As much as I want to win the race, it will be one of the most competitive ones now that many athletes have been out of competition for a long time,” said Korir back in his home village.

As the journey to the marathon kicked off at Kass, he went ahead to finish second at the 2015 Barcelona marathon and finished third at the Toronto marathon the same year.

Enjoying his 2:08.06 as personal best following his victory at the Ottawa marathon in 2019, Korir said that he has been training about 180km a week so that he can gain much endurance while competing at the one of the World marathon majors.

“Training for such a marathon is not easy. Remember I have not run for long because after New York in November 2019, I competed at the Eldoret City marathon finishing 10th meaning I have a big challenge ahead,” said Korir.

In 2017, he won the Vienna City marathon and managed third position at the Luboya Marathon, won silver at both Lake Biwa and Cape Town marathons respectively in 2018.

“My expectations are high with the aim of reaching high standards in the race. I don’t want to force myself, burning my chest so hard but I will do what my body will be prepared for,” he added.

In 2019, he won both Ottawa and Houston marathons before concluding the season with the second finish in the New York City Marathon

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