Chager lead Duncan East African Mini Classic Rally

Kenyan Baldev Chager has taken an early lead at the ongoing East African Mini Classic Rally that drove off today in Karen.

Navigated by Pier Daykin, the ‘flying Sigh’ has opened 7- seconds against another Kenyan Ian Duncan with South African Geoff Bell in third position.

The rally that revved off today continues tomorrow.

Day one results 

1. Baldev Chager/Ravi Soni CL3 Porsche 911  Kabras Sugar Racing 00:23:23.6

2. Ian Duncan/ Antony Nielsen CL4 Rover V8  Minti Motorsport 00:23:31.0

3. Geoff Bell/Tim Challen CL3 Datsun 240z  Dansport 00:23:42.2

4. Piers Daykin/Marcus Rayner CL3 Datsun 280z Rocca Rally Team 00:25:23.7 

5. Raaji Bharij/Gavin Laurence CL2 Ford Escort Mk1 Raaji Rallying 00:25:25.4 

6. Jonathan Somen/Richard Hechle CL2 Ford Escort MK2 Scuderi Dagoretti 00:26:41.6

7. Rommy Bamrah/Harvey Jutley CL3 Datsun 240z Pan African Racing 00:27:36.5

8. Aslam Khan/Arshad Khan CL3 Porsche 911 ALS Motorsports 00:27:51.9

9. Ben Woodhams/Kavit Dave CL4 Ford Capri Knight Frank 00:27:55.5

10. Shakeel Khan/Assad Mughal CL2 Ford Escort MK1 Als Motorsports 00:28:35.2

11. Glen Edmunds/Jiri Kotek CL1 Skoda Classic Skoda 00:28:40.3

12. Iain Dobson/Dougie Rundgren Cl1 Skoda 130 LR/B Classic Skoda 00:29:07.9

13. Joey Ghose/Imran Khan CL2 Nissan Violet Gt Minti Motorsport 00:29:16.3

14. Eric Bengi /Gatimu Mindo CL2 Datsun 180B East African Classic Rally 00:30.24.7

15. Bob Sehmi/ Kyle Lucas CL2 Ford Escort MK2 Pac Motorsports 00:30:36.2

16. Nish Lakhani /Teeku Patel CL2 Datsun Terra Safi Eco Solutions 00:33:13.0

17. Maxine Wahome/Safina Khan CL2 Nissan 160J Minti Motorsport 00:35:34.8

18  Hamza Anwar/Adnan Din  CL1 Toyota Levin African Eco Safaris 00:38:05.5

19  Karan Sehmi /Raju Sehmi CL2 Ford Escort MK2 Pac Motorsports 00:38:13.6

20. Shabaz Anwar/ Azar Anwar CL4 BMW 535  Aam Academy 00:40:03.7

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