Fourteen Karate players to represent Kenya at world championships

Fourteen top Kenyan karate are set to represent Kenya at this year’s World Senior Championship to be held in Dubai, Qatar.

The championships that kicks off from November 16the end on 21st where 14 players will be representing Kenya at the championships.

The 14-member squad, eight men, six women and 6 officials will leave on Saturday for the championships.   

The 14- member team is expected to fly-out on Saturday.  The team will be accompanied by two coaches, three refs, team manager, technical director and two federation officials.

Full Team: 


  1. Labib Mohammed
  2. John Muriru
  3. Fredrick Odero
  4. Stephen Mapale
  5. Christopher Mwangangi
  6. John  Kyalo
  7. Chris Machanja
  8. Joshua Muchangi


  1. Catherine Mbithe
  2. Rose Muriu
  3. Georginia Mutua
  4. Joyce Akinyi
  5. Nancy  Onyango
  6. Rachael Munanie 


  1. Gichie Patrick Kiarie  (coach)
  2. Edwin Gendi (assistant coach)
  3. Ndingai Gabriel Mutuku
  4. John Namulo  (technical director)
  5. Susan Moraa (Chaperone)
  6. Enos Ngungu (President & Head of Delegation).
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