Mwendwa case closed

Suspended Football Kenya Federation (FKF) president is now a free man after the court in Nairobi closed his case on Friday morning.

Mwendwa was relieved off charges against him over alleged misappropriation of funds at the federation by the Ministry of Sports.

“We seek to close the file for the time being as we proceed with investigations before we prefer charges against him,” state prosecutor Everlyn Onunga told Miliamni Senior Principal Magistrate Wandia Nyamu.

As a consequence Mwendwa is free for now as he awaits any other cause to be taken by the Prosecution in the ongoing probe into the alleged misappropriation of FKF funds.

“I therefore order this matter closed as prayed by the DPP,” Wandia said.

Mwendwa was arrested and detained at DCI over corruption allegations and  fraudulent acquisition of public funds.

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