Finding solution: KGF allow KGU to vote at NOC-K

Kenya Golf Union (KGU) will be voting at the December 9th National Olympics Committee of Kenya (NOC-K) following their discussions with rivals Kenya Golf Federation (KGF).

Last month in Kakamega, KGU chairman Peter Kiragu said that Kenya will have one body that will run golf in the country following their discussions with KGF.

He said the discussion’s outcome will be announced soon and they are sure that there will not be bad results.

While addressing golfers during the Goldfields Trophy, the Kenya Amateur Golf Championships (KAGC) meeting in Kakamega, Kiragu said that they have been having discussions with body parties to come up with a solution because they need to have one body to run the sport in the country.

“We only have one golf system in the country and we are discussing to come up with one amicable solution in running the sport in the country,” said Kiragu.

However, he did not disclose who will run the game, either the KGF or KGU in the ‘marriage.’

“In this marriage, we don’t know who will be at liberty to run the sport but all in all, we shall have the best of the best to ensure the country has the best sport. The marriage will be successful for better fruits,” insisted Kiragu.

On the flipside, the union boss said that there is great growth of golf at the country side clubs with many winners enjoying the game unlike in the past.

He said in recent days, golfers from outside Nairobi have been giving a challenge to the seasoned clubs a run for their money in major championships.

“As a union, we are happy that golf is growing at the rural clubs that were deemed never to produce best golfers in the country but that culture has been diminished and upcountry members are coming out to be the best,” said Kirangu.

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