Njoroge, Mongeli are National Chess Kenya champions

Martin Njoroge and Sasha Mongeli were crowned the Kenya National Chess Championships that came to an end today in Nairobi.

Njoroge edged out defending champion Mehul Gohil to lift the title in the five day championships that kicked off on 26th December.

Sasha Mongeli (WFM) the Kenya National Ladies Chess Champion

The KCB’s Njoroge won the men’s tile to drive home a brand new Mazda Demio at the play-offs after both Njoroge and Gohil tied with 8 points.  

In the women category, Mongeli won Kshs 100,000 after edging out Traiza Mwendwa at the play-offs.

Selected results

Men open section

  1. Martin Njoroge – Brand New Mazda Demio
  2. Mehul Gohil (KES 100,000/=)
  3. CM Benjamin Magana (KES 63,330/=)
  4. Joseph Methu (KES 50,830/=)
  5. Hillary Sagwa (KES 40,830/=)
  6. Hugh Misiko (KES 9,000/=)
  7. Matthew Kanegeni (KES 7,750/=)
  8. Robert Mcligeyo (KES 7,750/=)
  9. Daniel Gisore (KES 7,500/=)
  10. Jackson Kamau (KES 7,500/=)


  1. WFM  Sasha Mongeli (KES 100,000/=)
  2. Triza Mwendwa (KES 60,000/=)
  3. WCM Joyce Nyaruai (KES 30,000/=)
  4. Jumba Gloria (KES 12,500/=)
  5. Cynthia Obondo (KES 10,000/=)
  6. Ether Karanja (KES 7,500/=)

PWD Open Section

  1. Clement Miheso (KES 10,000/=)
  2. Sadam Ali Sheikh (KES 6,000/=)
  3. Geoffrey Maoga (KES 5,000/=)

PWD Ladies Section

  1. Mercy Cherono (KES 10,000/=)
  2. Margaret Kanyua (KES 6,000/=)

Best University Male Player

Glen Kingoina (KES 7,500/=)

Best University Female Player

Jully Mutisya (KES 7,500/=)

Best U21 Player Open Section

Brian Gabriel Mwangi – (KES 5,000/=)

Best U21 Player Ladies Section

Naliaka Vanessa (KES 5,000/=)

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