Oyende on overnight lead at Kitui Scrabble Kenya championships

Unbeaten Allan Oyende will enjoy an overnight lead at the Kitui national Scrabble championships ahead of tomorrow’s final.

The Kenya Number won had a superlative performance, winning all his matches on day one with the closest contender Michael Gongolo losing three just as third placed Tobias Outi.

The final round of 7 games will be played on Sunday to determine the meeting winner.

111–0+993Oyende, Allan (A1)2W:441-347:A172nd vs. A5 @1
28–3+703Gongolo, Michael (A2)1W:395-370:A91st vs. A10 @3
38–3+356Outi, Tobias (A3)1L:389-467:A52nd vs. A12 @2
47–4+323Mutahi, Martins (A5)2W:467-389:A31st vs. A1 @1
57–4+206Roberts, Alvin (A15)2W:495-359:A221st vs. A9 @4
67–4+94Machanje, Daniel (A12)bye1st vs. A3 @2
76–5+311Zande, Ayub (A16)1W:428-393:A182nd vs. A17 @6
86–5+292Koyyoko, Bernard (A9)2L:370-395:A22nd vs. A15 @4
96–5+198Ochola, Tony (A10)1L:369-418:A82nd vs. A2 @3
106–5+78Magwanga, Onani (A8)2W:418-369:A10
116–5−160Wabwire, Andrew (A14)2L:363-438:A192nd vs. A6 @5
125½–5½+151Kimani, David (A6)2T:367-367:A131st vs. A14 @5
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