Brothers Clement and Elkana keen on lowering their time at Milan marathon

Brother Clement and Elkana Langat will be the star attraction at this year’s Milan marathon set to be held on April in Italy.

the reigning Rome marathon champion Clement and the Ravenna marathon champion Elkana are optimistic that they will do well at the race as siblings as they aim to improve their time in a race that has been dominated by Kenyans.

Elder brother Clement, who won Rome marathon in the marathon debut also won silver for Kenya at the world Cross Country championships in junior level said time will be of essence when he returns to Italy for the second time in a row.

“I will be heading to Italy for the second time, chasing to lower my time. We are working together as brothers not to win the race but to improve my time from 2:08.23 and run 2:05 or under and that is my target,” said Clement.

The former Africa cross country champion he moved into marathon as a way of career progression just like any other athlete who wants to grow in the career.

“I have competed on track and cross country for ten years and so the need to change into marathon and won the Rome marathon on my debut. From that day I realized I can do well and I was happy enough. I hope and pray to God to give me good health, without injury and I want to run 2:05 or under,” added Clement.

With World Championships and Commonwealth Games all set for this year, Clement was optimistic that if given an opportunity to run for Kenya, he will do that without questioning.

“If I can get that opportunity to run for Kenya, I will be happy. If Athletics Kenya will give me that opportunity to run for Kenya in a marathon, I will be one of the happiest men and I will fly that Kenyan flag higher at the Commonwealth games or at the world championships. This will not be my first time to represent Kenya. I won the Africa cross country title and world cross country silver in junior,” explained Clement.

Elkana, who also won the Ravenna marathon last year said his graduation from track to marathon has been very successful.

After making his debut at the 2019 Eldoret City marathon, finishing position 32 at 2:18.04, he made his maiden international race at the Ravenna and came home with a win when he timed 2:10.33.

“Ravenna was my first marathon outside Kenya and due to the support of my brother and training mates, I was able to win. Now that we are going for a big marathon, it will be very entertaining and motivational. We will be running to get time not for position but time will give us position. We are going to do our best, run our hearts out and plan in future to compete in major marathons like London, Olympics and championships,” said Elkana.

He also wants to run for Kenya at major championships this year.

“When opportunities will come to run at the Commonwealth and World championships we will be comfortable to fly the flag and winning my first marathon, it shows we are dedicated runners. The race will be a family affair with my elder brother talking to each other and good support until we finish the race,” he said.

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