Nalianya to vie for Kenya Volleyball Federation presidential position

Former KCB Bank volleyball player Edward Kisaka Nalianya has thrown himself into the position to vie for the Kenya Volleyball Federation (KVF) presidential postion in the coming elections.

The retired coach cum played who played for both Kenya Railways and KCB volleyball clubs in mid-eighties and most of the nineties, later became the coach for KCB ladies and eventually team manager after captaining the men’s team for more than a decade.

In his statement of curriculum vitae in the sport, Nalianya wrote: “I was part of the AAG Kenya team 4th edition held in Nairobi and went ahead to captain the AAG team 5th edition in Cairo Egypt. Apart from playing I deputized Coach Sadatoshi Sugawara in coaching the National women’s team for World qualifications against Russia and Nigeria in Lagos. In 1996 I took the junior ladies team to Japan for a training program for a period of 2 months.,” read part of the statement.

 He continued that apart from being a member of the playing and technical units he was privileged to head the Federation in three regions namely Nairobi, Nyanza and Coast where he revamped the activities of volleyball which were otherwise very low.

“Every time I departed I left behind sound finance positions for the branches. I was able to resolve the wrangles that had brought down volleyball activities in Coast. Since then there has never been looking back such that when I see KPA shining at the continental level I feel proud of being part of the long journey. I also had an opportunity to serve in the National office treasury a period which I took care of the federations finances with a zeal introducing sound financial management procedures,” continued the statement.

He added that he also do appreciate that through volleyball I have been able to become part of what I am today. Its is for this reason that I have a strong conviction to give back to volleyball as an appreciation.

“I am fully persuaded that the best position for me is assume the position of President KVF in the next election. I say so because I strongly believe with my strong background, track record and banking profession I have what it takes to deliver on the larger mandate. I believe volleyball should be in a league of its own competing with Athletic and Rugby as far as sports discipline is concerned in this country.

I want at this point in time to sincerely appreciate the outgoing President for a job well done. He has served the federation selflessly going out of his way, on many occasions using his personal resources to drive volleyball to the next level.

Through this he has achieved a lot including winning the grand prix. No mean feat!!! Kudos Mr. President.

I intend to pick up from where he has left ensuring that we achieve much more. Our boy child must stand to be counted. Our girl child must now proceed to next level claim her true position in the world ranks with dignity.

The player must be our core business. The three arms, that is the player the technician and the administrator must be synchronized with a common goal. The Government must be persuaded to go a notch higher in assisting the federations to better the lives of our youth.

These with many other thoughts and ideas I guess I will be able to drive volleyball zealously selflessly and with decorum ensuring that integrity is sustained for us to achieve our true world status.

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