A History of Gunners Never-Ending Struggle to Take Back the Premier League Crown

The Arsenal trophy drought has been a long-going suffering for their fans. Arsene Wenger’s “Invisibles” took the Premier League by storm and went unbeaten in the entire campaign of 2003/04, becoming the Champions and remaining in the annals of the tournament history. What happened after that is a quite cruel test for the nerves and patience of the Gunners, with the eternal pursuit to reclaim that same glory. Can Arsenal emerge victorious this season? If you want to place a bet in a trusted app – try Bongobongo, download at the link

Sudden Change from Titans to Underachievers

Following the historical season and the unbeaten achievement, Arsenal has undergone a huge change, both on and off the pitch. Ironically, the club’s period of weak performance came at the same time as the building of their new stadium Emirates, which was planned to get the club into the new era.

On top of that, Arsenal has failed miserably in the transfer department: Wenger’s legendary squad was disbanded, leaving holes on the field in the places of Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira, and Dennis Bergkamp. The French manager was criticized for the decision making and the London team was unable to match the growing might of the rivals.

 The “Wenger Out” period

The fans’ anger grew as Arsenal’s inability to become a consistent championship threat became a norm years after their brilliant 2003/04 campaign. The once loved manager came under permanent fire of the “Wenger Out” movement because of his refusal to compromise the values the team always stood at, but that wasn’t working in the shifting reality of the demanding modernizing sport.

The financial model of self-sustainability that the London club followed didn’t help either, as Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City tossed around millions of pounds. This power shift in English football and the club’s inability to strengthen their roster in a needed manner made Arsenal lagging behind their wealthy competitors.

Does Kroenke Care?

A major cause of dispute between the fans has always been the reign of current owner Stan Kroenke. Some see him as a landlord who only cares about the commercial success of the Gunners and not the on-field performance, hence he never planned to invest in the project much when he just came to the club. Others do see the light in the tunnel in the face of the transfers of Declan Rice and others, who made the squad stronger.

Mikel Arteta – a New Wenger on His Way to the Greatness

After the Wenger exit, Arsenal tried to find someone who can fill in for him, but nobody could until the arrival of the Spaniard in 2019. Arteta has his own philosophy, knowledge and personnel for this team to shine again after a much-needed rebuild.

Although the first steps were inconsistent, through growth Mikel’s team is a contender for the trophy and can compete with the seasoned teams of Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp. Arsenal has its style and can play with big teams without fear.

The road to Premier League and Champions league trophies will be bumpy, but with perseverance they will create a lot of exhilarating and heartbreaking moments for the fans. Domestic dominance is a big thing with the powerful financial forces of Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea, but using a quirky mind Arteta can build complex tactics to come out a winner from every clash.

Only time can tell how long it will take for the Gunners to wait until the next trophy. But the trip is definitely becoming more and more interesting!

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