Athletics Kenya offers free services, any payment is corruption, athletes told

Fighting corruption among athletes and the federation officials has been cited when the former are seeking services at the head office when they want to compete at the international level.

Federation’s Youth Development chairman Barnabas Korir said that the services are free of charge and no one is expected to pay any shilling.

The athletes had raised the question of paying some fee before they served at the Riadha House in Nairobi.

“Athletics Kenya offers free services to athletes and no money should be given out at any time to anybody, be it at the federation’s offices or anywhere else,” said Korir.

The Nairobi region chairman added that any form of money paid to any official be it kshs 1,000 or kshs 2,000 as I always hear people say is corruption that should not be accepted.

“I always hear that some athletes pay a certain fee to be served, that is corruption and we don’t condone that behavior. The staff at the federation are employed to serve you because this is your office. If the two of you are found, then that is bribery, which is corruption. We don’t work like that,” said Korir in the last seminar that attracted about 400 athletes.

He also warned athletes who sneak out of the country to compete in China in some of the unsanctioned races and later complain to the federation that they are neglected abroad.

To tell them to seek approval of any race from the office before taking any step to go and run.

“As a federation, we have the mandate to seek more information on these races so that we know their genuineness. We have to write to the embassy, race organizers and the federation of that country if the race has been approved and how much money will be paid. Once we give you a go ahead, and the athlete is not paid, we will have the authority to demand payment because we gave you the approval letter,” explained Koir.

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