Dennis Ombachi: I was saved after committing suicide

Kenyan rugby star Dennis ombachi has opened up that he committed suicide after picking up an injury after 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

World talking to World Rugby, Ombachi said that when he broke his leg with an ankle injury, he was and was out for about six months and that caused depression.

“I was focused to come back, physically I was doing well but I was dead inside like confidence levels were completely gone. I was feeling worthless; I don’t even deserve. This was the time I thought I should not disappoint my coach Innocent Simiyu so I explained to him what I was going through like episodes of suicidal thoughts, self-harm and some incidences of feeling towards myself and never showered for almost a week,” explained Ombachi.

He said that Simiyu as his was very understanding and told him to seek for help which served as his relief.

“I attempted suicide cutting my veins but I was living with my sisters who took me to hospital and that was taken to a psychiatrist for two weeks. My head was head was not in the right place and I was diagonzed with Bi-polar disorder,” he admitted.

He also remembered how he was bullied in school that forced him to stay on the streets of Nairobi before he was re-admitted at the Kiambu school.

“I was so bullied in school by prefects that is why I had to sneak out of school and travelled to Nairobi, staying on the streets for six to seven days after expulsion from my former school and later joined Kiambu high school. My new school principal understood me and encouraged me to take up rugby and realized this sport was meant for me,” he said.

Former Shujaa coach Mike Friday, who discovered Ombachi and admitted him in the national team praised the man saying he had a good talent.

“I knew Ombachi as a very young man in 2012. I saw a very charismatic individual, so talented and he scored that one try that sent Shujaa to Olympic games in 2016,” said Friday.

Ombach praised Friday “I felt like he understands me giving me confidence in my career.”

Retired Shujaa captain Humphrey Kayange said that he saw a good players and became a father-figure to him and he was ready to learn, and shy.

“Kayange provided everything for me like training kits transport etc.

“I have been through it and I managed to come over I would like other people to come out and see the light like I did.”

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