Engin Firat: Four Stars injured ahead of world cup qualifiers

Harambee Stars head coach Engin Firat has announced that four players may not take part at the FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

Firat said that he only had eight months to prepare the team which was not enough to hoist the squad to the levels he desires.

“I want to be very honest and say we are not ready for the task ahead. I’d be lying if I said we are because we have only had a short time to prepare. I don’t know, but we shall try to do our best,” Firat said.

“We have gone for two years now without an official match. The reality is that I’ve had a very short time to build a team, roughly eight months from

March and I’ve strived to bring them up to my expectations and ensure they adapt to my coaching philosophy,” he said.

He announced that Byrne Odhiambo, Collins Sichenje, Daniel Anyembe and Joseph Okumu are out.

 “I’m also engaging with the doctors to see if Eric Ouma will be fit again while Ayub Timbe also has an injury. So, generally, we’ve had a tough week,” he said.

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