Focus on play football, not cat drama- West Ham coach Moyes advise Zouma

West Ham coach David Moyes has advised Kurt Zouma to focus on his football career away from the cat drama.

The defender was fined with Adidas withdrawing his wages after he was filmed kicking and slapping his cat in his house and apologized following public condemnation.

At 27, Zouma was encouraged by his coach Moyes to play and after missing Leicester match last weekend, he may be included in the Newcastle match on Saturday.

But Moyes has stuck by Zouma, insisting that he deserved a second chance, and he wants his centre-back to make sure football is his only focus from now on.

“I think he’s probably really disappointed about what he’s done and he’s thinking about it a lot, no doubt, but overall we have tried to get him to move on,” Moyes said.

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