Fred Magu on target as he grabs Scrabble Kenya day one lead in Eldoret

Fred Magu will be targeting four to five wins on Sunday to claim the ongoing Eldoret Kenya Scrabble tournament at the Gulab Lochab Academy.

Magu, who has taken day one lead said thatb his target will be to win at least four games on Sunday to secure the title ahead of east and Central Africa Scrabble (ECASA) Championships to be staged in Jinja, Uganda in two weeks’ time.

“This is a good qualifying round for me and the lead is a motivation for tomorrow’s challenge as I look forward for a win,” said Magu.

The Nairobi based player won 9 out of 11 games today to enjoy an overnight lead.

He started the day on a good note, winning against Mackton wafula, host John sang, Joseph Chavutia, Nicole Achan before losing his first game against Onani Magwanga but recovered with a win against Daniel Machanje and Stanley Njoroge.

His best moment came when he defeated then leader David Kimani to take to the top, adding on game 9 win against Bernard Koyyoko.

He failed to shine over Alvin Roberts in game 10 and went on to secure top position with a win over Tobias Outi.

“A win tomorrow will motivate me and my team for ECASA hoping to retain our title. At ECASA, I was position five winning some good money and I would like to improve on that because am always a podium man,” he said.

There was a four-way tie in the second position with Edgar Odongkara, Kimani, Njoroge and Tom Mboya.

Premier Round 11 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast GameNext Game
19–2+383Magu, Fred (A19)2W:443-406:A32nd vs. A2 @2
28–3+507Odongkara, Edgar (A4)1W:442-375:A21st vs. A15 @3
38–3+396Kimani, David (A6)2W:432-431:A111st vs. A21 @4
48–3+349Njoroge, Stanley (A11)1L:431-432:A61st vs. A3 @1
58–3+71Mboya, Tom (A21)1W:500-437:A182nd vs. A6 @4
67–4+594Outi, Tobias (A3)1L:406-443:A192nd vs. A11 @1
77–4+495Gongolo, Michael (A2)2L:375-442:A41st vs. A19 @2
87–4+320Magwanga, Onani (A13)2W:551-522:A12nd vs. A18 @6
97–4+167Machanje, Daniel (A17)2W:386-348:A152nd vs. A28 @7
107–4−6Roberts, Alvin (A15)1L:348-386:A172nd vs. A4 @3
116–5+455Okechi, Richard (A28)2W:473-300:A231st vs. A17 @7
126–5+392Oyende, Allan (A1)1L:522-551:A132nd vs. A32 @5
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