I will salute the World Athletics International Fair Play Award winner, says Ebenyo

World 10,000m silver medalist Daniel Simiu Ebenyo has set eyes to celebrate any person that will win the World Athletics International Fair Play Award.

Ebenyo, who won silver at the World Road Running Championships Half marathon was nominated by the athletics body on Monday for his sportsmanship when he saluted compatriot Sebastian Sawe to win gold at the Race held in Riga, Latvia.

“I must thank World Athletics for the nomination and I will wait to see what happens at the end of the day. In the event that I win or I lose, I will celebrate because I did not expect that I will be nominated. At the same time, I will celebrate the winner just the same way I would celebrate if I win,” said the New Delhi Half marathon champion.

The kenyan runner will be facing off with six other athletes who performed acts of fair play and sportsmanship in different fields led by Ethiopia’s Letesenbet Gidey, Sifan Hassan, Shericka Jackson of Jamaica and USA’s Sha’Carri Richardson, Nina Kennedy of Australia and Katie Moon of the USA and Britain’s Jessica Warner-Judd.

“Since I did salute Sawe, I can salute anybody and be happy for other people’s good things and your time will come. Even if I don’t win this time, there are better things ahead. this is just the beginning,” said Simiu.

He says that this is his first nomination since he started his career, with a sign of greater moments ahead.

“Today morning (Tuesday) I was awakened by my friend, who said that I am voting for you. I was so surprised that I got such information yet I was not vying for any political seat but he later explained what he meant. So I went ahead to check only to find out that World Athletics had nominated me. That was a real surprise,” he said.

He said that it is not all about winning but what one can do in a competition makes the difference.

“It was an expression that humanity still exists and because I did not do anything unusual, it is all about sportsmanship. The story of my career has just begun with God in control. I will celebrate more. I am just in my own world,” he said.

The Samburu county runner was leading the way during the World Road Running Championships but the sprinting Sawe bypassed him in less than 200m and Simiu had to salute him.

The votes from fans will be combined with those from the jury to determine three finalists for the Fair Play Award where the finalists will be announced on November 7

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