Kisumu day lose appeal against Agoro Sare

Agoro Sare will proceed to the Kenya National Secondary School Sports Association to be staged in kakamega next month after Kisumu Day appeal was thrown out.

Sare, who beat kisumu 7-6 in post match penalties to win the Nyanza region secondary schools boys’ soccer title, they appeal for fielding ineligible player but the regional secretary Tom Odhiambo said the jury which met on Thursday afternoon at the Nyanza Region Director of Education’s office dismissed the appeal due to lack of evidence.

‘The case between kisumu Day and Agoro Sare has been dismissed due to lack of authenticated documents presented as evidence and Geoffrey omondi is a continuing student at Agoro Sare who reported last year in form 2 and is now in form 3.Hence not a repeater, ” said Odhiambo

He added: “Therefore Agoro Sare represents Nyanza Region in term two games at Kakamega Region Kakamega county.

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