Mombasa hosts Mashujaa Day Scrabble championships

Mombasa will be hosting the Mashujaa Day scrabble championships at the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) Mbaraki stadium.

With players targeting to feature in the East, Central and Southern Africa Scrabble Championships (ECASA) in Lusaka, Zamia, top players led by top seed Allan Oyende will be the centre of concentration.

The Grand Prix series that gets halfway point will be using the event to select team Kenya: Word Warriors- ECASA 2019 championships.

As ECASA defending champions, Kenya needs to field 20 players following their victory in Livingston, Zambia while they will field five players in the 2019 World English Scrabble Players Association Championships in Goa, Undia.

The Stima club players in Nairobi anchored the national team porpularly called Word Warriors at ECASA in Livingstone, Zambia lived up to his top seed billing sweeping all aside to cement his position.

Host Auka “we are ready to host the country’s best and challenge them for top honours

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