NOC-K launch commissions

The National Olympics Committee of Kenya (NOC-K) today launched the who are the working groups operating to ensure the policies and strategies set by the executive board are achieved.

Currently working to deliver the legacy plan mandate the board is working towards.

The Commissions’ launch was presided by the 2nd Deputy President Mr.Waithaka Kioni, who read out  NOC-K President Dr. Paul Tergat’s speech.

“In order to accomplish this ambitious dream, the Executive and the Secretariat require the input and collaboration from other stakeholders beyond our walls. We want to tap and exploit the incredible knowledge and experiences from citizens of this country who want to make a difference in our sports and the Olympic Movement, for that matter that is why you were all precisely chosen”

Launching the 2022-2024 NOC-K Commissions he congratulated the members from a solid position of confidence and pride.

The President also spoke on the individual and collective diversity of profiles that each member of commission brings in adding quality and value to the Committee’s service delivery.

Speaking during the launch the Secretary General took the Commissions through the terms of reference, pointing out the three challenges the executive board is throwing at them. Transformation, Impact and Legacy.

“The board is challenging you to leave a footprint in sports in the year 2022-2024.The key thing is to always remember that the athlete is at the center of everything. Look towards leaving a legacy that goes beyond this term.”

Mr. Mutuku also explained 65% of the nominations were done by the federations while 35% was done by the secretariat and the executive board having tapped into their expertise and technical knowledge and experiences to help us deliver on the expectations of athletes and sports fraternity.

The Commissions were also updated on the NOC-K strategic plan with key performance areas exerting influence on their groups such as Elite Athlete Development, Organization sustainability and capacity development.

The NOC-K commissions are

1. Strategy and Performance
2. Elite Athlete Performance
3. Gender Commission
4. Marketing Commission
5. Medical Commission
6. NOC-K Institute Commission.
7. Sports and Active Society Commission.
8 Sports and Sustainability Commission.
9. Youth Commission

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