One year to Paris: NOC-K to reflect on Olympics Games

The National Olympic Committee of Kenya stands shoulder to shoulder with the global Olympic family and the entire Olympic movement across the globe to rejoice in the magnificent occasion of 365 days until the 33rd Olympics in the City of Lights, Paris.

In less than 365 days, the world’s most prestigious sporting event, the Paris Olympics, will echo our Kenyan warriors’ footsteps, whose passion, perseverance, and raw talent have carved a path of triumph on the international stage. They have repeatedly shown us that greatness knows no barriers when fueled by a lion’s heart and a Maasai warrior’s soul.

Our athletes, the torchbearers of hope and inspiration, have dedicated their lives to honing their skills, sacrificing their sweat, and overcoming every obstacle in pursuit of Olympic glory. Their stories are etched into the very fabric of our nation and it continues to be a journey sometimes with challenges. The journey provides great moments of celebration and triumph

Today, we wholeheartedly embrace the clarion call of the IOC President, to become stronger, run faster, and reach higher in all our endeavors in life but most importantly to build a better world through sports.

We know as we celebrate this day several athletes and teams are out of the country participating in qualifying competitions. National Women’s Volleyball Team Malkia Strikers have just arrived in the FIVB Challenger Cup that spikes off on Thursday in France, The U23 3×3 Nations League Basketball male and female are on the way to Algeria to get the points needed for qualifications, Bronze medalist at the 2022 Tae Kwon Do International Championships One Tae Kwon Do Sharon Wakoli, is in Senegal for a ranking competition.

This morning, I spoke with our incredible athletes on their #Olympicdreams, which amazed and motivated me.

As I had the honor of conversing with our esteemed Wimbledon Grand Slam Champion, Angella Okutoyi, I couldn’t help but marvel at how swiftly time has passed.

“Each morning, I awaken with a vivid dream in my heart—to become the first Kenyan to qualify for the Olympics. I find myself engrossed in promotional videos and envisioning the tennis matches played at the prestigious Roland Garros. My ultimate goal is to inspire young girls across Kenya, showing them that anything is possible at the pinnacle of sports, the Olympics.”

2X Olympic Champion, Eliud Kipchoge aims to make history to be the first man to win the Olympic Marathon three times in a row, “The only way to live longer is to enjoy sports and I continue to inspire my fellow athletes in this journey.

In the midst of the 2023 World Championship, Alexandra Ndolo, a shining star ranked 6th in the world and adorned with a prestigious world championship silver medal, readies herself to proudly represent #teamkenya for the very first time. she shared a single, resounding word as the countdown to the Paris Olympics continues: “Unstoppable.”  I couldn’t hold my tears in Cairo last month at the Africa Championships when the Anthem played, I can’t imagine what will happen will I hear it in the Paris Olympics.”

The extraordinary feats of Faith Kipyegon, holder of world records in the 1500m, 5000m, and 1 Mile, have left us in awe. As a double Olympic champion, she exemplifies Fearless Faith, living by her motto. As she explained to me, motherhood’s unwavering mental strength bestowed upon her has propelled her to surmount every obstacle in her path.

With the 2024 Olympics on the horizon, Faith sets her sights on the impossible, aiming to surpass all expectations.

Hundreds of other athletes are in intensive training at various locations. We appreciate the hard work put in and continue to support them in their journey to the Olympics. The Journey is part of the objective as with every competition, they gain experience and grow in the development of their competition levels.

What an opportune time to reflect on the values of Olympism; Excellence, Respect, and Friendship Values form the strong foundation on which we promote culture, sports, and education in Kenya. Let us rally around our athletes, the living embodiment of our nation’s pride, and propel them with our unwavering support, encouragement, and love.

The National Olympic Committee will commemorate this great day for 24 hours as we count down activities and preparations for the great Olympics next year. I call on us to rise together, as a nation, as a family, as a tribe, and as Kenyans, and show the world the boundless spirit of Kenya – the spirit that defies limitations, conquers the impossible and embraces victory with humility

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