Over 1000 players to face off at National Youth and cadets Chess Championships

Kenya’s top players will converge to Mang’u high school this weekend for the National Youth and Cadets Chess Championships.

Chess Kenya president Bernard Wanjala said: “We expect 5040 players, the biggest turn-out so far. Managing such a crowd is no walk in the park.”

“This surge is a testament to the success of Chess Kenya’s grassroots initiative, the Chess Mashinani programme.”

“Through countrywide seminars and workshops, Chess Kenya has ignited a passion for the game in regions previously on the periphery, empowering a new generation of chess enthusiasts,” he added.

Shifting the tournament from Kisii School to Mang’u not only helps accommodate the swelling numbers but also signifies growth.

“The vibrant atmosphere at Mangu High School mirrors the determination of young participants, eager to showcase their strategic prowess on the chequered battlefield,” he added.

The tournament features the under eight years category up to Under 18 for Open and girls’ editions.

The top 10 players in each category will earn slots in the Invitational Playoff Tournament in Nairobi.

“We aim to compete at the Africa Youth Chess Championships in July in South Africa,” said Wanjala.

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