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Returnee Gongolo, a man to watch in Nyeri Scrabble meeting

Michael Gongolo returned to ‘the table’ after eight years but his presence was felt as he managed to finish day one in second position behind Kenya one Allan Oyende at the last series of Scrabble Kenya championships at Dedan Kimathi University.

The event attracted a total number of 69 participants across all the divisions. In division A Gongolo returned after 8 years to show that he was able to task.

Surely,  he never forgot his tricks and many were surprised as he oust some of the regulars in the animal kingdom

 Overall, the day was filled with laughter, frustrated sighs,  revenge claims over wins and losses. As the Dean of studies from DKUT said, what really matters is that, at the end of the day, you get to take something home, be it a prize,  the coin or advice from the veterans in the game.

   It’s too early to predict, who will carry the day  tomorrow in the different divisions, but what is clear, is that battle lines will be crossed, alliances formed and maybe, just maybe,  dynasties  conquered by new blood.

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