We need concerted effort to win war against doping, says Sports PS Tum

Sports Principal Secretary Peter Tum has called for collaboration from various stakeholders in the fight against doping.

While addressing sports journalists during the Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya (ADAK) seminar in Mombasa, Tum said that he came into the space to improve the sport in the country.

Tum previously worked in the health sector before President William Ruto reshuffled his cabinet.

“Sports should be amplified in this country. A sporting nation is a very cohesive nation and sports contribute to the economy of a country. It promotes branding to the country, supposing we were to pay for the branding for this country when an athlete wins, it will be very expensive yet we get it free,” said Tum.

He said that government and journalists should, for the sake of ensuring the ecosystem is smooth, the government has handed kshs 5million  to Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) to do testing and compliance to hold them to account and ensure that those in the sporting family are clean for their own betterment and future.

“The ministry is spending colossal money to ensure sports prowess in the country to support the institutions and leadership. I will encourage one thing as a ministry that we develop a means of ways of communication as journalists and the ministry. If something bad has been written, it taints the name of the ministry. If there is a take home, we should involve ourselves in communication,” said Tum.

He said the media has been reporting much on the doping issues, some misreported but journalists have the obligation to protect the image of the nation and as a ministry to synergize the sports.

“Going forward as the ministry will be able to help in testing to ensure that people are encouraged not to dope again. We are collaborating with journalists to promote sports in talent identification, nurturing and monetizing so that our sporting legends don’t go unrecognized. We are working on the policies of rewards to sell the images of this country,” said Tum.

ADAK chairman Daniel Makdwall said that as the institution they have partnered in fighting doping.

“We are a team with the objective to provide quality information. We are not fighting each other but we are partners on this  journey. This is not you vs us but the journey of success belongs to us. If we have a situation where our athletes  win then waiting to celebrate later is not good at all,” said Makdwall.

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