World Aquatic gives Kenya Swimming another chance for elections

World Aquatics has given Kenya swimming another chance to hold the election within three months.

A letter signed by World Aquatics executive director, Brett Nowicki, wants the election to be conducted by November 13, courtesy of the Stabilisation Committee.

“The Bureau further directs the Stabilization Committee to finalise the electoral process and conduct elections within 90 days. Your compliance with this directive is appreciated,” Nowicki noted.

The elections were due to be held last month following a Special General Assembly at Moi Stadium, Kasarani but were called off at the 11th hour after the Center of Corporate Governance received initiation and threats not to conduct the elections from certain quarters.

 “As a result, the World Aquatics Bureau met to discuss these concerns and has determined to maintain the current suspension in place and with this, exclude Kenya from any activity within World Aquatics, including participation in its events,” observed Nowicki. 

“Despite the installation of a Stabilization Committee, the issues within Kenya Aquatics persist. And with this, the Bureau continues to have deep concerns with respect to the ongoing failures within Kenya Aquatics to hold elections and the historical inability to comply with the rules and decisions of World Aquatics,” added Nowicki.

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