Yator and Mukhwana, the best at Gabon marathon

Daniel Yator led Kenyans in sweeping the Gabon marathon podium yesterday in Libreville, Gabon.

Yator won the men’s race in 2:24.01 leading country mates Vincent Kipyegon to second in 2:30.27 and William Kibor completing the all kenyan sweep in 2:41.47.

In women, Kenya’s Ednah Mukhwana finished second behind the Ethiopian Chaltu Dida in 2:47.08 and 2:43:53 resoectvley before another kenyan Naomi Maiyo completing the podium at 2:49.49.

Selected results Gabon marathon


  1. Daniel Yator (KEN) 2:24.01
  2. Vincent Kipyegon (KEN) 2:30.27
  3. William Kobor (KEN) 2:41.47
  4. Angels Matamba (ATM) 3:08.15
  5. Nathael Godive (COG) 3:12.30


  1. Chaltu Dida (ETH) 2:43.53
  2. Ednah Mukhwana )KEN) 2:47.08
  3. Naomi Maiyo (KEN) 2:49.49
  4. Sheila Chebet (KEN) 2:57,58
  5. Rachel Reze (ENG) 4:55.52
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