Zameer Verjee on back to back win mission

Zameer Verjee has set his focus to claim a back to back titles as at the second round of the KCB National Autocross Championship slated for Jamhuri Park racetrack over the weekend.

With 22 points, Verjee will be setting on his wheels at the Kenya Motor Sports Club (KMSC) organized event that gets underway with the early morning practice heat which will precede official four heats where the ‘best of three’ rule will apply.

Zameer tops the 2WD Non Turbo log with 22points, thanks to a “Fastest Time of the Day” (FTD) timing which earned him two bonus points at the Sikh Union leg held at the TGRV circuit in Mai Mahiu.  His dad Nazir finished third in 2WD Turbo Class driving an Attacker 1 Buggy.

“We have tested this week, and declared ourselves more than happy with the performance of the Rage,” said the team’s lead driver Zameer said adding: “We’ve also finalized the suspension setup for the big the massive Jamhuri jumps, and all two of us are brimming with confidence ahead of the weekend,” Zameer added.

“It really is a mammoth task, but our experience since first competing a few years ago has taught us a lot, and we’ve got the operation streamlined to the point where we find ourselves fully prepared ahead of schedule,” continued Zameer

Zameer won the opening round of the series to take an early lead ahead of Sameer Megboob Nanji (15points) and Rajveer Thethy (15points).

He and his dad have been hard at work in their strip- rebuild of the Rage Buggy and Attacker 1 buggies..

“Autocross 2 promises to be an exciting race for us as I am aiming to deliver the big 2WD Turbo Championship trophy this year,” concluded Hall.

Zameer started his racing career in an Attacker 1 Buggy racing in the 2WD T class.

But after acquiring a Rage he has swept the ground with all his opponents in 2019.

“Looking forward to another event. The aim is to learn the Rage as well as have fun. The season started well and I’d like to carry the spirit onto the next one. The essence is to take each race at a time.” Zameer added.

The event, organized by Kenya Motor Sports Club (KMSC) on Sunday February 24, will begin with Signing On and Scrutineering from 7:30am followed by Drivers Briefing at 8:30am and Official Practice at 09:.00.

Drivers will then embark on Official Heats runs from 09:30 onwards.

Throughout the day spectators will be kept in touch with fast and furious racing and results by a public address system. Refreshments will be available at reasonable prices. The format for the event will be a two car track whereby drivers will cover the same distance in simultaneous action.

The 2WD Turbo, 2WD Non Turbo and 4WD Turbo classes will be the main crowd pullers with drivers anticipated to roar round the challenging black cotton gravel in a series of power slides, jumps and tear away bursts of speed along the short straights.

The Pee Wee Class which is the newest Class on the KCB sponsored series and Bambino are expected to also treat spectators to some exhilarating displays of racing artistry. The diminutives in the two classes for small underpowered machines will be cheered on by fans while they go through their heats.

Official racing will feature four heat runs of which the best of three will count in the final classification with the Fastest Time of the Day (FTD) earning competitors two bonus points on the championship log.

After the season-opening KCB Simba Autocross 1 in Mai Mahiu, drivers are itching to rev with 2WD T leader Kunal Patel from Nanyuki and his main rivals Imran Hakada and Shaz Esmail expected to return in their “Attacker 1” buggies. 2WDT leader Zameer Verjee will drive a Rage Buggy.

Leader Illiyun Mughal, defending champion Yuvraj Rajput and Tesvi Soni are the drivers to watch in Bambino Class. Kiana Rajput and Tsirav Sink will also resume their fight for Pee Wee Class points.

Posting of results will take place after the last heat with Prize Giving scheduled to happen after confirmation of results.

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