Chepngeno runs the fastest time in USA as Korir comes second at Houston Half marathon

Vicoty Chepngeno won the 2022 Houston half marathon held yesterday in the USA, running the fateset time over the distance on the American soil.

In men, John Korir, who won the Los Angeles Marathon in November finished second behind Ethiopian Milkesa Mengesha Tolosa as Wilfred Kimite of kenya was third.

Selected results

Houston half marathon


  1. Milkesa Mengesha Tolosa ETH 1:00:24
  2. John Korir KEN 1:00:27
  3. Wilfred Kimitei KEN 1:00:44
  4. Kirubel Erassa USA 1:00:44
  5. Shadrack Kimining KEN 1:00:53
  6. Patrick Tiernan AUS 1:00:55


  1. Vicoty Chepngeno KEN 1:05:03
  2. Sara Hall USA 1:07:15
  3. Dominique Scott RSA 1:07:32
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