Deaf League national play-off kicks off tomorrow

The Kenya Deaf Football League national final kicks off tomorrow at the The University of Nairobi grounds.

With Deaf Football Federation of Kenya (DFFK) releasing the fixtures, there will be five teams who will play in round robin to secure the title where all the  five regions are Metropolitan, Nyanza, Rift valley, Coast and Western.

Eastleigh will be representing the hosts Metropolitan, Bison from Nyanza, Flamingo of Rift Valley, Pirates from Coast and Sukari from Western.

DFFK President Stephen Waweru has hopes that after the national plays, many teams will be coming on board in 2023 as they tap and nurture football talents in the country.

“It is our time to create awareness that deaf individuals can play through football. We are nurturing their talents ideal for football. We are hoping that come 2023 there will be more clubs to join deaf football league. Each team is expected to play four matches with two fields being used for the championships,” he said.

In the opening matches, Eastleigh will take on Bison in field A as Sukari play Flamingo in field B. He said that come next year, the DFFK will be competing in the world Deaf Football in Malaysia and thus, they have to have a good team that will represent the nation.
“In 2023 Kenya deaf football team will participate in the world deaf football championship in Malaysia in September and so we will plan for national trials in April for a better team. The league will help us know who will be the most improved players from all clubs then select the best players to represent Kenya,” said Waweru.

With no sponsors of the league, he said they are facing hurdles and called upon those willing to come on board to support the noble idea.

“With World Cup set for next year, our main challenge is that we have no other sponsors to support our league program and national league championship. We are appealing to cooperate to support us for the coming national league championship cup this year,” added Waweru.

Field A
1.      Eastleigh vs Bison
2.      Bison vs Flamingo
3.      Bison vs Pirates
4.      Flamingo vs Eastleigh
5.      Pirates vs Flamingo
Field B
1.       Sukari vs Flamingo
2.       Pirates vs Eastleigh
3.       Eastleigh vs Sukari
4.       Sukari vs Pirates
5.       Sukari vs Bison
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