Laban Mutai battling to improve on time

Former Eindhoven marathon champion Laban Mutai is set to redeem his time in the next marathon in search of good time that will earn him management to compete in major marathons across the world.

Fresh from winning the bronze medal at the Ottawa marathon on Sunday, after returning from a five year hamstring injury, Mutai said that he wants to redeem his former glory to attract managers and majors.

Competing in his first race since 2019 when he won the Eindhoven after clocking 2:06.40, which remains as his personal best, said that it was a blessing to return into action.

“It has been a very long time since I competed in a major race and running in the Ottawa marathon finishing third was a blessing,” said Mutai.

At the Ottawa marathon, he finished third after timing 2:14.00 behind Ethiopian pair of Lencho Tesfaye Anbesa (2:12.41) and Adamu Getahun 2:13.29.

In women, the Ethiopian pair of Maregu Hayelonn won the race in 2:32.20 followed by compatriot Tinebeb Nebiyu (2:41.40) and Canadian Caroline Legavre was third at 2:47.09.

He said that after picking the injury, he lost the management and now he runs as an independent athlete, seeking for races by himself unless he gets a manager to work for him.

“Once I got an injury, I lost managers but I want to run well and get managers. I want to redeem my 2:06 and run below that time come October. There are many advantages when you have a manager,” he said.

He said that as an independent athlete, he has to work his way to prove that he is worthy on the global stage.

“ I want to redeem my name and get managers because once you are injured every manager runs away. I had an injury from 2021 and this was my first race after injury,” he said.

As part of his preparations, he says that he will be seeking to compete in another marathon in October this year and gain the much needed time that will attract managers to build his career.

“I will be looking for a race in October, I want to compete well in one of the big marathons to recover my time. All this time as an independent I look for my own race,” he said.

Mutai’s marathon accolades

2019: Eindhoven marathon (2:06.40) – 1

2018: Eindhoven marathon (2:07.38)- 2

2012: Koln marathon (2:08.01) -4

2014: Linz Marathon (2:08.3)- 1

2019: Barcelona marathon (2:08.07)-6

2018: Seville marathon (2:08.23)- 6

2016: Ljubljana Marathon (2:09.16)-1

2015: Valencia marathon (2:09.55)-6

2013: paris marathon (2:11.10)- 11

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