Megertu, Abderehman win Seville marathon with course records

It was all an Ethiopian affair at today’s Seville marathon where champions Alemu Megertu and Asrar Abderehman won the winning the women and men titles with course records.

Megertu won the women’s title in 2:18.5, lowering the then record set by Ugandan Juliet Chekwel in 2020 at 2:23.13 by leading compatriots to top three positions.

Megertu led a 1-2-3 Ethiopian podium finish as she was followed Sisay Gola who crossed the line in 2:20.50 with Yeshi Kalayu Chekole closing the podium first three finishes in 2:21.17.

It was the same script in men when Abderehman won the title with a course record of

Abderehman won in 2:04.43 bringing down Mekuant Ayenew time of of 2:0511 with the 2015 World Marathon Champion Ghirmay Ghebreslassie from Eritrea closing the podium three finishes in a new personal best of 2:05.33

Selected results

Seville marathon (Spain)


  1. Asrar Heyredin Abderehman (ETH) 2:04:43
  2. Adeladlew Mamo (ETH) 2:05:12
  3. Ghirmay Ghebreslassie (ERI) 2:05:34
  4. Adugna Takele Bikila (ETH) 2:05:52
  5. Awet Habte (ERI) 2:06:25
  6. Ayad Lamdassem (ESP) 2:06:25
  7. Maru Teferi (ISR) 2:06:58
  8. Abdi Ali Gelchu (ETH) 2:07:15
  9. Amare Girmaw (ISR) 2:07:35
  10. Haimro Alema (ISR) 2:08:15


  1. Alemu Megertu (ETH) 2:18:49
  2. Sisay Meseret Gola (ETH) 2:20:50
  3. Yeshi Kalayu Chekole (ETH) 2:21:17
  4. Chaltu Chimdesa Kumsa (ETH) 2:22:13
  5. Jessica Piasecki (GBR) 2:22:27
  6. Kidsan Alema Gebremedhin (ETH) 2:22:28
  7. Adawork Aberta (ETH) 2:23:39
  8. Majida Maayouf (MAR) 2:24:09
  9. Gladys Pucuhuaranga (PER) 2:25:57
  10. Citlali Moscote (MEX) 2:26:13
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