Race walking marathon team is ready for Paris at Dublin Qualifiers, says Kariuki

Kenya’s head coach for the Race Walking Marathon Olympic Games relays qualifiers George Kimani Kariuki is confident that Kenyan teams will qualify for Paris Games.

Kariuki said that he will be fielding two teams, one man and one woman in each relay to have an upper hand to secure the qualifying rounds during tomorrow’s trials in Dublin, Ireland.

“The first team, I have Samuel Gathimba who will exchange batons with Emily Ngii while Samson Dominic Ndigiti will pair with Sylvia kemboi,” said Kariuki.

According to the organizers, the event will be the last qualifiers for race walkers after failing to compete at the Antalya championships last month.

walking on track, Karikui explained that the first session will see men competing in the 12km before handing the baton to the lady who will cover 10km to make it 22km. The lady will return the baton to the man who started the walk and will cover 10km before the lady finishing the last 10km to make it 42.

“This is a marathon run by two people exchanging batons. One man and one women. That is why it is a Race walking marathon relay,” he explained.

“My teams are very strong and are ready to make it to Paris and this is the last qualifier,” he said.

At the Olympics, there are supposed to have 25 teams where 22 have already qualified and they are looking for the remaining three to make the cut.

“22 teams qualified for Paris and they need three slots to make it 25. And we don’t know the criteria that will be used to select the remaining three. It may be time ot top three to cross the finish line,” he said.

The event will be held at 9am Ireland time and 11am EAT

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