Retired footballers are a threat to football businessmen- Shollei

Former football presidential candidate Sammy Shollei is optimistic that former players can be good football managers but they fear political interference in their line of duty.

The former Harambee Stars midfielder said that they are seen as threats to business people who use football to propel their agenda.

Speaking in Eldoret when he met with former players, said that the former players have been seen as a threat by business people, who use football as a stepping stone to their lives and also misuse money meant for football.

“No businessman will want to be with former players because they are very straight people. You go East and West, they will face you and tell you the truth. If you are wrong they will face you and tell you that you are wrong,” said Shollei.

He said football’s culture is entertainment and politicking is a way of sending them away from management and urged the Caretaker Committee to conduct elections soon.

“Our culture has always been to entertain fans not politicking and at any point one starts a fight, shout at them or use some political words, we get scared and we push ourselves to the corner. It is not our culture to shout and that is why many shy away from football management,” he said.

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