Bedan Karoki wins silver at Tokyo Marathon

Former world half marathon silver medalist Bedan Karoki was the best Kenyan runner, finishing second in today’s Tokyo Marathon in a race dominated by Ethiopians.

Ethiopia’s Birhanu Legese won the race timing 2:04.48 as Karoki came in second timing 2:06.48 before defdnding champion and two time winner Dickson Chumba completed the podium in 2:08.44.

Former Chicago marathon champion and former world half marathon record holder Florence Kiplagat was the best Kenyan woman who finished in 4th position in a race won by Ethiopia’s Ruti Aga.

Ruti Aga, who was second last year cut the tape at 2:20:40 followed by Helen Tola in second timing 2:21:01 before Shure Demise completed the podium in 2:21:05 as Kiplagat came in fourth position after clocking 2:21:50.


1 Birhanu Legesse (ETH) 2:04:48
2 Bedan Karoki (KEN) 2:06:48
3 Dickson Chumba (KEN) 2:08:44
4 Simon Kariuki (KEN) 2:09:41
5 Kensuke Horio (JPN) 2:10:21
6 Masato Imai (JPN) 2:10:30
7 Takuya Fujikawa (JPN) 2:10:35
8 Daichi Kamino (JPN) 2:11:05
9 Ryu Takaku (JPN) 2:11:49
10 Tadashi Isshiki (JPN) 2:12:21

1 Ruti Aga (ETH) 2:20:40
2 Helen Tola (ETH) 2:21:01
3 Shure Demise (ETH) 2:21:05
4 Florence Kiplagat (KEN) 2:21:50
5 Bedatu Hirpa (ETH) 2:23:43
6 Ababel Yeshaneh (ETH) 2:24:02
7 Mao Ichiyama (JPN) 2:24:33
8 Joan Chelimo Melly (KEN) 2:26:24
9 Rose Chelimo (BRN) 2:30:35
10 Ruth Chebitok (KEN) 2:31:19

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