Dominic Nyairo celebrates Hofu City marathon title

It was all celebration as Dominic Nyairo won the Hofu Yomiuri marathon held today in Hofu City of Yamaguchi.

Nyairo who was making his first marathon appearance was pushed to the wire by two Japanese runners

Daichi Kamino and Yuki Kawauchi, who is the 2018 Boston Marathon winner.

The two held onto Nyairo until the 33km mark when Nyairo and Kamino pulled away leaving Kawauchi to gasp for some air.

The Kenyan was pushed to the wire but managed to have a kick that led him to cut the tape in a new personal best best of 2:09.34 with Kamino pulling the same time when he crossed the line in second place.

Kawauchi the 2011 World Champion silver marathon medallist was forced to settle in third place as he closed the first three podium finishes in 2:10.11.



Domnic Nyairo   (KEN) 2:09.34

Daichi Kamino    (JPN)  2:09.34

Yuki Kawauchi   (JPN)  2:10.11

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