Expect fierce battle as county school games kicks off

Uasin Gishu Secondary Schools Sports Association chairman Patrick Kipkenda has predicted a fierce challenge as term One school games kicks off this Friday in Eldoret.

Kipkenda said the title winner is unpredictable following the giants fall on the way at the sub-county level.

“We are expecting a tough battle as teams surge for titles ahead of Rift Valley championships,” said Kipkengda.

Some schools like Arnesen’s boys will will be competing in all disciplines-handball, hockey, basktball, rugby7s and rugby15s and athletics.


Handball boys-Hill School

A. Tuiyo, Lemoru, Ainabkoi

B. Chuiyat, Tapsagoi, Torochmoi

C. Cheplaskei, Lsereu, Toloita

D. Kipkenyo, Natwana, Arnesen’s

Handball Girls- Hill School

A. Kosachei, Barakeiywo, Sosiyo

B. Ngeny, Ngeria, Bishop Birech

C. Lemoru, Mutwot, Plateau

D. Tapsagoi, St. Catherine, Ngoisa.

Hockey Girls- Moi Girls

A. Kerotet, Kapseret, Turbo

B. Moi Girls, St. Catherine, Moiben

C. Ainabkoi, Hill School, Moiben

D. Loreto, Kapseret, Township.

Hockey boys- Moi Girls

A. Arnesen’s, Wareng, UGHS,

B. Soy, Chebisaas, Kesses

C. Soy Moiben, Moas

D. Ainabkoi, Kapseret, Township

Basketball Boys- Moi Girls

A. Wareng, Turbo, Arnesen’s

B. St. Anthony, Kipsangui, Kipkenyo,

C. Chebisaas, Soy, Moas

D. Kapseret, Kamagut, Concord.

Basketball Girls- Moi Girls

A. Kamagut, Kipsombe, Moi Girls

B. Kerotet, Seko, Hill School

C. Loreto, Moiben, Lelmolok

D. Turbo, Kapseret, Dry’s

Rugby 15s- UGHS

A. Arnesen’s, Kipsangui, Chebisaas

B. Kamagut, Cheplaskei, Wareng

C. UGHS, Lelmolok, Kapseret

D. Kapsoya, Kipsombe, Moiben.

Rugby7s- Wareng

A. Wareng, Arnesen’s, Kalyet

B. Kipsombe, UGHS, Cheplaskei

C. Kipsangui, Moi Barracks, Lelmolok

D. Mwiruti, Kapsoya, Chebisaas

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