Hussein, Mutai: we need to deliver quality Agnes Tirop cross country

The preparations for the inaugural Agnes Tirop Memorial World Cross Country Tour has gathered momentum ahead of Saturday’s showdown at the Lobo Village in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County.

Today, the organizers led by the local organizing Committee chairman Abraham Mutai and technical director Ibrahim Hussein said that they are putting on last minute touches to ensure that the race is a success.

“We are telling athletes to prepare to come to the course two days so that they know what they expect during the event so that they can tighten their shoe laces properly to avoid losing them in mud areas and water points. We want top athletes to come and understand the course of cross country very well,” said Hussein.

On the course, 200m from start, the athlete will encounter a man-made hill, then 1000m there are Hay barriers and with 5,000m to the finish there are mud water body.

“Cross country events are mostly run in Europe and during this season people are running in snow where there is mud, water so we want to incorporate so that people coming to compete here are not left out. At the national championships it was the, most exciting place. Spectators really converged to that area where athletes lost shoes and that is the sweetness of a cross country,” he said.

The Local Organizing Committee chairman Abraham Mutai said that they are working hand in hand to ensure they that everything is at the top notch.

“We are expecting top notch competition and we are inviting everybody to come and witness such a big race,” said Mutai.

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