Vincent Yator targets top marathon after road accident

Vincent Yator has a reason to smile again following a tragic road accident that claimed the live of running mate Francis Kiplagat at Kikopey along Nakuru-Nairobi highway before competing at Honolulu marathon.

Francis Kiplagat, Vincent Yator, Reale Hospital, Joseph Cheromei, Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital
Vincent Yator (RIGHT) at Reale Hospital and his coach Joseph Cheromei Photo by Sabuni Khwa Sabuni

The 2010 Africa 5,000msilver medalist returned in the country on Thursday after finished third during Sunday’s Honolulu marathon and describing the Monday 19th February as a miracle, believing that God gave him the second chance in life and career as an athlete.

“I believe I was given a second chance in life and I would like to use it well, I believe I was born to run” said Yator.

The duo were involved in accident after securing a visa to compete at the 2018 Paris Half marathon, that did not happen.

Yator suffered three broken ribs but never gave up in his career and recovering from the horrific incident.

He said that after completing his medical check- up in June, his doctor advised him to continue with training in July.

In Honolulu marathon, Yator won bronze behind  Titus Ekiru (2:09.01),Reuben Kiprop (2:12.59) and Yator’s 2:15.31 in an all Kenyan podium sweep.

“I thank God that he spared my life and the never give up spirit kept me going and that is why I managed totrain well after recovering from three broken ribs to the podium finish in Honolulu,” he said.

Yator said he had to accept the current situation despite enduring uncounted challenges while nursing his injuries in hospital.

The runner was worried with his career as he dealt with shock following his friend’s death.

“I had to adapt to the new environment and after healing, the healing process took long and now am stable to run in any race,” added Yator.

He added: “I know in this life, there is nothing impossible unless you give up. I short I mean never give up in life. Remain focused and never lose hope ‘Heri Kufa macho kuliko kufamoyo.’ In such scenario it is like driving at night with no headlights on your vehicle,” advised Yator as he plans to enter into 2019 with energy to compete at world marathon majors.

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