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Rio investigating team to pitch camp in North Rift

Paul Ochieng led Committee investigating Rio de Janeiro Olympics mess has finally landed in Eldoret to interview various athletics stakeholders.

The team arrived in Eldoret on Monday morning, in a one week long stay to get information on both trials held at the Kipchoge Keino stadium and camping venues for track and field athletes together with rugby players at Nandi Bears golf club.

Ochieng was appointed by Sports Cabinet Secretary Hassan Wario to look into to probe the Rio de Janeiro Olympic mess and said he will submit the report by mid October 2016.

“Our main work here is to witness the conditions for the trials, how they were done before there were numerous complains and praises that were heard and know what was what. At the same time, we found it wise to come to the ground to interview athletes as opposed to us calling them to Nairobi. And coming here gives us enough time to get an appreciation of what was the situation,” said Ochieng.

Their first stop was Kipchoge keino stadium in Eldoret where track and field trials were done ahead of Olympics in Brazil before travelling to Kipkeino High Altitude Performance Training Centre where athletes were camping together with Nandi Bears where Rugby team pitched tent.

“Having done that, we will also be interviewing athletes and coaches so that we can get there perspective on how they prepared for the Rio Olympics and ask them a few questions on what they thought on the preparations and the way forward on what they proposed and there after we will finish our mission in in the region,” added Ochieng.

He added that they had come to the grounds where everything was prepared and majority of Kenyan contingent to Rio and mostly athletes came from the region.

“We will submit our report by mid October to the appointing authority and hoping that it will find opportune time to make it public immediately since we only have four years to the next Olympics,” said Ochieng.

Ochieng said though they are not in a position to know when the report will be out to the public but once they have given their report to the appointing authority then they will see the opportune time to release.

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